Process Chromatography Market - Global Industry Analysis, Forecast 2015 – 2023.

Process chromatography has become of the most enabling technologies in biopharmaceutical downstream processing and is used to purify small to large molecules for further use, rather than analysis. Various biopharmaceutical companies need high performance and high throughput on a large scale which can be achieved with the help of process-scale bioseparations. The prime purpose of process chromatography is to separate the components of a mixture for more advanced applications. Process chromatography plays a vital role in the development of monoclonal antibodies. Moreover, increasing need of separation analysis in large process industries is contributing towards the growth of the process chromatography market. The global process chromatography market is estimated to witness a tremendous growth in the near future but the need for skilled professionals would pose a great hindrance to the growth of the market.

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Based on applications, the process chromatography market can be segmented as follows:

Pharmaceutical and Biotech: Process chromatography is used extensively in pharmaceutical industries to analyze the exact chiral compound in order to manufacture the correct drug. The process can effectively separate vitamins, proteins and amino acids for purification of chemicals required for manufacturing of pharmaceuticals.

Food industry: Process chromatography is used in the food industry to detect pesticide or insecticide residues from the food samples. With this simple and rapid process, purity of the organic compound can be checked quite easily.

Environmental monitoring: Environmental monitoring is one of the most significant applications of process chromatography. For instance, the determination of cyanide in the environment due to its high level of toxicity.

Forensic laboratories: In the field of forensic science, objects collected as evidence...