Problems of Miscommunication

The problems of Miscommunication
Sarah Huntley
COM 200 Interpersonal Communication
Instructors: Shannon Corbett-Perez

    Miscommunication is happens when communicating become unclear between two parties. These situations ideas are not translated the way they were intended to. These problems occur when the receiving party does not ask for further instructions on a task. They also happen when the giving party believes the other party should already know what is needed to be done. Miscommunication is not just between strangers but it also occurs between close friends, family, and spouses.
    The article “Close relationships sometimes mask poor communication” talks about how being close to someone just might be the reason the relationship might have communicating problems.   I agree with the article. I believe that when you become comfortable with someone you believe they should know what you mean at all times. A study given to twenty four married couples shows that couples can misunderstand each other over the littlest things. The study author Kenneth Savitsky states that a husband and wife had a different meaning to the same phrase “It’s getting hot in here”. Whereas the wife meant she wished it was cooler the husband took it as a sexual gesture. Some may think this type of miscommunication only happens between strangers, when really it happens to people in close relationships because of the bound they believe they have.
    Having a miscommunication with strangers is very common but one may believe their friends or family should know them well enough to know what they mean. There has been many times when I have had a miscommunication with co-workers. Which to me is normal but when I have a miscommunication with a family member I feel as though we have lost base with each other. Growing up with a cousin that becomes more of a best friend one may believe they know everything there is to know about each other. In the past I have confined in a...