Problem Statement

Problem Statement:
Kudler Fine Food will create a highly qualified management team in each location to improve in high turnovers that can be seen by an improvement in the overall effectiveness of the organization.

Smart Goals:
Kudler Fine Food will create & increase the knowledge of a new management team by 80% by allowing training sessions to meet the need of the company goals within next few months.
Decrease high employee turnovers by 40% within the next four months.
Over the next 6 months, Kudler Fine Food will increase promotional sales by 20% by creating newsletters with information about new products and current promotions with redeemable coupons.
Kudler Fine food will increase accurate inventory by 60% within the next three months to reduce cost and loss of perishable by 8%.
Future View of the Company:
The shift of growth of Kudler Fine Food organization has put out the position where there is a need for new approaches by management to guarantee ongoing success. As the company continues to develop and expand over the next few years there will be emphasis to increase of overall productivity of management tasks to allow for more time to focus on strong company values.
As the part of the new strategic plan with management and marketing Kudler Fine Food will capitalize on the improvements in saving cost on stocking items, increase profits and high employee turnovers and maintain efficient operations within next year or two. In addition, implementing the marketing plan customers will pay the premium for premium goods and quality of services.