Problem Solving



My place of work is an extremely busy NHS and private dental practice. I work as a dental nurse and receptionist, my main place of work at the moment is on the reception desk. I work alongside a lovely and friendly dental/receptionist between us I think we make a very efficient team. The reception runs extremely smoothly with hardly any problems.


The problem in question, which I’m writing about, resulted in us not being able to take card payments for just over 2 days and the outcome of this event.

The problem suddenly started when the card machine could not connect to Streamline which it occasionally does. When the card machine disconnects the machine shows the symbol of the phone receiver lifting and dropping, this is when the PDQ is dialling as it connects it stays blue and when it disconnects the receiver symbol is placed down and goes red.   When this happens we usually just have to reboot the PDQ by pressing :.button and clear button at the same time then turn the machine off at the mains, place handset back on the base unit then switch it back on at the mains this usually sorts the problem out. It doesn’t happen very often probably once every few months, when it does it’s sorted within a few minutes with no major upsets. The only slight problems that can occur is that we keep the patients waiting few minutes while the PDQ reboots this is limited to about 2 or 3 patients the rest of the patients are not affected at all and would be none the wiser if they hadn’t heard us explaining what we are doing.

On this occasion we rebooted the machine as normal, tried to take payment the same thing happen, so again we rebooted. This procedure was repeated about 4 times till we realised it wasn’t going to work. I phoned Streamline they advised their system was working fine it was not a problem their end. Our service provider who is not BT told us we needed to call BT and get them to do a...