Problem-Solving Week 5 Day 7

Problem solving process part 1
Cynthia Tharp
T. Lovett

Problem solving process part 1

A current problem that has been an issue for me is to learn to get my CDL driver’s license, it is nerve racking for me to not being able to pass.   Before starting online schooling my dream of   driving an 18 wheeler over the road, but with not being able to pass my driver’s examine has put my dream on hold.   The problem that is keeping me from getting my license is that I did not have enough training due to the fact my class was full of students and with having only two trucks with 8 students per two trucks.   The class was 4 weeks schooling and 6 weeks driving truck and skill maneuvers, which were straight line backing, right side parallel, left side parallel, alley docking and driving through town to learn to make stops, turns and speed limits while learning to shift 13 gears.   Two more reasons of not being able to get my license is my youngest daughter still being at home going to school and being nervous in front of people.

My problem compared to my issue would be “how to be less nervous about skill maneuvers”, “how to get more training without so many students”, or “how to find time to practice maneuvers with my brother’s tractor trailer”.   With my issues would be to be “should I learn ways of stress relief”, “ Does truck driving offer one on one training classes”, or “should I wait until my daughter is done with school to try again”.   By doing trial and error, which I have already taken one session that has given me some experience and to know what to expect the next time around.   Trial meaning you go do it one time first hand learn from it and error you find out where your issues are keeping you from getting what you want.  

By doing steps of identifying my challenges that is keeping me from what I want , expressing myself of asking questions of what needs done and what to do can   help me to solve my problems and issues of getting my CDL...