Probation Officer


The Rampart Scandal of the L.A.P.D is not apart of police officers duties. The reason that the Rampart Scandal is a bad example of police officer duties is because the Rampart Scandal had money hungry police officer accusing innocent citizens arrested and placed in jail for drugs that the police officers planted on the people. Those police officers were power hungry and were given awards for their wrongful reports that were written against innocent people. Another interesting fact that police officers tend to do is racial profiling which is not apart of police officers job description this can also be a complex issue for officers because working on the police force for years you see all types of crimes that are repeated by certain races. For example if there was a shooting and a Caucasian teenage boy was shot and the suspects were a black male and a Caucasian male the police officer would automatically blame the black male because of his history of black males and shootings. That is considered racial profiling.
The positive and the right descriptions and duties of a police officers are protection of peoples lives and property also an officer has to enforce the laws other duties of police officers are to be able to cope with family situations, have to be able analyze situations quickly and make sensible action if needed. Understanding and being able to write and converse with the public is a major duty that an officer has to have and also develop.   Police offices have to keep public order and arrest criminals. The hiring process for becoming a police officer is you must be no less than 21 or no more than 40 years of age you have to be a legal citizen and meet the medical and physical standards.   Once you have passed the requirements to be an officer you go through the L.A.P.D Academy for approximately 4 months, which include emotional and physical training to make you not only a better person but also a better Police officer....