Principles of Personal Devolpment

Reg. No.: GL14072
Date: 07/10/15

BTEC Unit 2 – Principles of Personal Development
2-2 Describe how reflecting on a situation has improved own knowledge, skills and understanding
Reflecting on your work is very important because it helps you see how you see what you did well which boosts your confidence but it shows you what you need to improve on. You can ask yourself did I have enough Knowledge of the situation for example if you needed to empty somebody’s catheter bag there might be an order of steps that you might not know what order they need to be taken in. Reviewing skills is important, looking at what your good at things such as good body language can help people understand what you are talking about if you are struggling to describe what you want someone to do verbally which could be a skill that you need to improve.  

Diploma Unit 2
2-2 Describe how well your own knowledge, skills and understanding meet the standards (these standards will be in your workplace policies).
There are many standards that are used in health and social care work, so it is important to have a full understanding of all of them and to know how well you comply with them. For example you need to have a understanding of the mental capacity act of 2005, this outlines how to support someone to make a decision without making the decision for them. I feel looking at the guidelines I do this well because I make sure the individual understands all of the opinions they can make and guide them (without taking over the situation) to make a decision for themselves. Another important piece of legislation to follow is infection control which corresponds to using the correct chopping boards to cut different foods, making sure you wash your hands using the most effective cleaning method, storing food in the correct areas etc. I feel I do follow this standard well I store food in the fridge in the correct spaces for example having dairy products stored in the top of the fridge, I...