Principles of Communication in a Health Care Setting

Principles of communication in Adult Social Care settings.
  1. Understand why effective communication is important in adult social care settings.
1:1 identify the different reasons people communicate
Communication is for individuals to be able to talk to others when they are in need of something. They also communicate for social reasons so as to form a relationship between each other. Communication is used to tell you if they are in need of medical advice or appointment if they are ill or in pain. Communication is important for everyone as this is the way of being able to let each other know everything that is needed to help each other live a normal daily life. It is also a big help in the way of obtaining information that is of use to you to get toknow what the persons needs are.

1:2 Explain how communication affects relationships in an adult social care setting.
It helps to get the right information for recording and reporting their day to day activities. It helps to build a working relationship between colleagues and residents. They will start to understand and trust a person who has good communication skills. When communicating it shows in your voice how you are as a person. Communicating with others help them to understand what is happening and what it is that you are doing.
2. Understand how to meet the communication and language needs, wishes and preferences of an individual

      2.1 Compare ways to establish the communication and languages needs, wishes and preferences of an individual.
You can seek information from an individual by asking them what it is you need to know. An individual’s care plan will also hold important information as they will all have a communication plan that will advise you on how to communicate with that individual. Speaking to family and friends who know the individual well can help with communicating with them. Other care professionals may be able to advise you on how to communicate with someone if you are having difficulties...