Principle of Economic

2.0 Factors that Cause Poverty
It has many factors that cause to poverty for a country. This happens because on this world, it has too many people but just has few jobs and lack of foods for all people to survive. Some of the causes that cause to poverty are overpopulation, education, wars, corruption, and lack of resources, politics, and natural disaster and so on.
2.1 Overpopulation
First of all, the factor that has cause to poverty is overpopulation. For example, Vietnam is one of the countries that had faced the problem of overpopulation which cause to poverty. According to the research, the population of Vietnam is the third in Southeast Asian and thirteen in the world (<>, 11st March 2011). The population in Vietnam continues to increase over million people each year. This happen because the residents there lack of the core knowledge about the impacts and consequences of overpopulation (<>, 2011). In addition, overpopulation occurs in Vietnam is also because of the policy of government, unawareness of some framework and party members. They were misunderstanding about the population policy. For example, in Vietnam, each family has an average five children and 60% of families have six to seven children. Having many children for each families but just generate the lower income levels will causes many problems like no enough money to buy foods will lead to healthy problems, famine, and even the starvation. For the poor family in urban areas, people only have an average income and equivalent of rice below to 25 kilograms per person and per month, while for rural areas, people just have an average income which equivalent to below 20 kilograms of rice per person and month, and for whom who live in mountain and island areas, they just have an average income equivalent to below 15 kilograms...