Prince Among Slaves

Play Critique “Molly Delicious”
In the play write “Molly Delicious” directed by Jeff Wax at Lone Star College- CyFair Center for the Arts. My boyfriend and I saw this play on Friday, November 8th, 2013 at 7:30. I must that this play was far much better than I expected it to be. It kept me awake, unlike Hamlet. And it wasn’t to long either, it kept me on my toes because I wanted to know what was going to happen next.
The overall plot of the story was very interesting, from the beginning to the end. Well not so much the end I wasn’t to fond of the ending, I felt like the ending could have been a little better than what it was. But in the play Krystal Villarreal who acted as “Allison” made her character very believable. Her volume and articulation was good also, I could hear everything she was saying and I understood it also. Her movements and all of her gestures were conveying her character as well also. Allison did have a strong sense of imagination, and spontaneity, for instance whenever she was imagining her future with someone who never responded to any of her letters or calls, she still had hope and faith that he will soon come back and be with her and marry her. Stephen Guerreo is the actor who played “Jerry.” Stephen’s character Jerry was believable to me, at first I thought he was just a con artist who really didn’t care for Allison or her family only his self, and he would do any and everything to make his self richer I suppose. His volume and articulation was good, I could hear him loud and clear on some parts, especially when he was angry. Stephan’s gestures and body movement did convey his character well, you can tell when he was excited and you can tell when he is mad/angry by the way his tone of voice escalates and by the way he begins to express his anger through his body language. The actions were very strong on some parts, like for instance whenever he was mad and got into a fight with another character, his actions began to show more than they...