Prince Among Slaves

Prince Among Slaves
This video was Prince Abdul Rahman, he was a slave in America. Taken abruptly from his home in Africa, he was placed in the hands of slave traders; little did they know he was a prince. He was forced to leave behind his wife and kids. Once on the ship, he and his townsfolk managed to survive the long voyage to America; they had no idea the suffering they would endure.
The slaves were let off the ship in the colony of Natchez, a Spanish colony. It was on a Saturday afternoon that Thomas Foster was out perusing the docks, looking for new laborers and other goods that he could trade; he stumbled upon Prince and mortgaged him for x-amount of tobacco. Not only did Foster purchase Prince, but other slaves too of course!
Prince later escaped hoping to find his way back home to Africa. Not only did he flee because he missed his homeland and family a lot, but also because the slaves in America were forced to learn English and were forbidden to practice their own religion. Upon the realization that he could not find Africa, Prince returned to the plantation of Foster and continued to work. Typically, slaves were punished if they were returned after an escape; however, in the case of Prince, he voluntarily returned and Foster was relieved so no punishment was handed down.
Once Foster switched from tobacco to cotton, he dominated his competition. Prince knew a lot about growing cotton and all that jazz; he became second in charge. Prince then met a new female slave (Isabella) and he had to teach her the ropes. To make a long story short, they fell in love, got married and started a family.
John Cox is another important man in the prince’s life. He was an American left by the ships and the prince showed him great hospitality. Again, making a long story short, Prince saw Cox at a market and Cox from then on was determined to free Prince. In the end, America made it possible for Prince Abdul Rahman and his wife Isabella to be free. Unfortunately his...