Pride and Prejudiced, Bad Character Traits

Bad Character Traits

A character quality evaluated negatively is belief of absolute superiority over everyone, a trait that most of the men share in this story, but the most noticed is Wickham and Darcy. Witch makes this more interesting considering the grudge between them.
First is Wickham, he is the most polished and handsome of all. Sadly He has no sense of honor but possess excellent manners. He initially shows a preference for Elizabeth, and she is pleased by his attentions and inclined to believe his story about Darcy. Yet while Wickham has the appearance of goodness and virtue, this appearance is deceptive. When Darcy proves the falsehood of Wickham’s story, his bad traits can be clearly seen.
Mr. Darcy’s first appearance is unfavorable. He seems to be proud and does not have excellent manners like those of Wickham. Brought up in an atmosphere of wealth and strict decorum, he considered everyone in the village vulgar and beneath his notice. Elizabeth like others puts him down as one of the proudest and most disagreeable of men. Still his insistence on form does not blind him to more essential qualities. He is a good brother a good friend and of course a good person.
However both are two sides of the same coin. In other words the story could not be complete without one or the other they balance each other out. Wickham is desperately trying to understand the character of the other. Mr. Darcy proves the falsity of Wickham. Without him it was not possible for Elizabeth or the reader to know about the true character that is Wickham. And the character of Wickham himself also proves the goodness of Darcy.