Pride and Predujice

The illuminating incident in Pride & Prejudice occurs when the author describes the house in Pemberley. The inner meaning is describing Mr. Darcy and how she views him. Such as how tall and handsome he is, but Elizabeth sees him as unpleasant and quite rude. The author’s descriptive words fit very well to how Elizabeth perceives him as. This also shows that Elizabeth thinks about him many times more than she hopes to.
The description of Pemberley is also foreshadowing for Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth. The house is like Mr. Darcy in many ways; he doesn’t hide what he thinks of other people, he tells the blunt truth, and does not put up a show for anyone. Like the house Elizabeth could see its features but not what it was on the inside. She was only seeing everyone’s perception of Mr. Darcy not who he truly is on the inside. The description of the house functions as a casement by saying that Elizabeth sees what he is on the outside, but something will happen with them by the end of the book. Elizabeth will see that Mr. Darcy cares for her and she in return also cares for him.
The illuminating incident in Pride & Prejudice is the description of the house in Pemberley and how it compares to how Elizabeth views what kind of person she sees him as. The description functions as a casement because the description is the perception of Mr. Darcy and also that Elizabeth sees him in many things. It kind of does some foreshadowing with Mr. Darcy & Elizabeth. They both love each other but have a misunderstanding about the other person.