Prg 211

Gregory Brentlinger
University of Phoniex
Ziaullah Khan
February 21, 2012

With this second part of the paper well be looking at a few things that makes a code and the value of them and what they do and how we got to where we are today with a few progress along the way. The tree value is high value, significant value, and limited value. These three value have a lot to do with were we are today and what is to come in the future. With the end of this paper we will have a better understanding on the value that it have on coding and in the technology that we have today.
Let us look at high value when we think of high value we think about something that have more value than something else or something that have more priority than anything else that may take place at the same time. This is true for coding or for making a program when we think about a game or a pacific program we take the most important things about the program and make it the high value in the program and everything else in the program will be lesser of important than the main aspect of the program. Even though everything is important when it comes to having a good program but without having that high value in place a software will be useless or not that great for people to rush to the store and buy the program because no one took the time to make the most important thing standout or give it more life than it has to work and to make it do what it was made to do.
Significant value by looking at this word we see that there have to be something great about this program or how it got to be where it is at. This is true if it was not for pioneers we will not have what we have today or be close to it. For it takes significant value to get where we are today and to have a program were it is at with significant account and overseeing of the progress of the operation of it but to have a significant value we just cannot take a look at just one aspect of the job put at the...