How to Create an Electronic Press Kit

Business owners and marketing professionals should be familiar with creating and distributing an electronic press kit.

Creating a hard-copy press kit can be a daunting task for those unfamiliar with today's media and marketing standards. Creating an electronic press kit may sound even more intimidating, but by many standards is just as simple to create, faster to transmit, equally effective and more cost-efficient than the hard-copy versions. The content of an electronic press kit is similar to a hard-copy press kit but is stored, distributed and presented differently. While hard-copy press kits are still used today, it is important that business owners, marketing professionals and various organizations be familiar with creating and distributing an electronic press kit.
InstructionsThings You'll Need   Thumb drive or CD
      1       Determine the contents of your press kit. Include general information about your business/organization, organization time line, mission statement, company honors and awards, upcoming events, fact sheets and previous press clippings.
      2       Create an electronic letterhead template for all files with a word-processing program. The letterhead template will be used as the foundation that the information will be displayed on. Letterheads should be created using a high-resolution design, which accurately represents your brand or company image in a creative and professional manner. High-resolution designs (300 dpi) are necessary to eliminate blurring and ensure a continuous flow throughout the kit.
      3       Construct your press kit information by formatting the information in a thorough, concise style that is visually appealing. Check spelling and grammar before saving. This step should include adding links to websites or emails of significance. If your organization does not have a creative writer on staff, consider outsourcing the work.