I watched President Barack Obama’s Inaugural Address as well as read the words of the speech to gain a different   perspective .

With the strong voice and deep piercing eyes that looked up and out scanning the crowd seeming to follow each one of the thousands of people that were so eager to see him speak and to hear his elegant words that are so motivational and persuasive and the way he speaks with his hands all most pulls you into his speech, with him.

After viewing the video, The written word was not as powerful as the speech. The video was more expressive because I listened to the words and saw the speaker’s emotion as he delivered his massage to the onlookers and the world. The different tones in the President’s voice as he delivered his speech were very moving. At key points in the speech when his tone changed and voice deepened, I felt chills travel down my spine. He has a very good way of keeping the listener on the edge of their seat while he speaks.

At this point in my writing, I am not sure how a writer’s message could be as persuasive as the video I listened to. The camera captured his body language which captivated me, and give my full attention to the speaker. It was very powerful to, I watch President Obama raise his hand and clinch his fist. As he spoke to me.

The word choices President Obama used “gathering clouds and raging storms” and “a people and their government” were powerful and moving.   The effect of the words and the thoughts as I heard the president say these words was a feeling of pride and the feel of people coming together.

I believe, without question, that the speaker used emotion to persuade the audience. The tone of his voice, his head and eye movements, his raised hand, and the delivery of each word was unforgettable. I found the speech was persuasive and moving.

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