Preserving the Rainforest of Madagascar

Preserving the Rainforest of Atsinanana
Ashley Miles
Judy Erlandson

The temperature is 86 degrees Fahrenheit, the air is moist and it is hot and humid. The trees are luscious and thick filled with green leaves from the canopy to the upper canopy. Just standing still and silent you can hear the call of the birds, the yelling of the monkeys and the crinkle of the leaves from the animals on the ground level. What am I talking about, the rainforest! The rainforest of Atsinanana, located in Madagascar Africa. This rainforest is one of the most beautiful places in the world and filled with rich animal and plant life. “The rainforest of Atsinanana is made up of six national parks; these parks make up the rainforest and are along the coastline of Madagascar” (Madagascar's Water, 2011). The one problem with this forest is that it is endangered just like several rainforest. We have to preserve this wonder, this beauty of the world.
Madagascar and its rainforest are nestled in the Indian Ocean. One thing that the Indian Ocean does not lack is rich wildlife, which is why this area is on the priority list for preserving. In this part of the western Indian Ocean you will find that it is home to several endangered species from coast to coast. “Madagascar stretches over 3,100 miles long” (Madagascar's Water, 2011). In the water surrounding Madagascar you will find the Sea turtle, dudongs and sharks to name a few.
On land the rainforest are filled with diverse life form as well. Madagascar is the home to several species of the lemur. The bamboo, black and dwarf lemur all call Madagascar their home. They all live and survive from what the rainforest provide to them. Also located in the rainforest of Madagascar you will find that is vary rear and exclusive to Madagascar is the Tenrec. “Madagascar has over 30 species of Tenrec found in its rainforest” (The Real Animals of Madagascar, 2005). The Tenrec is a small mammal that is an insectivore and compared...