Task 1
    • Describes different types of team
    • Benefits of these types of teams when used in different situations in the workplace
Note: You may also use exemplars from event management that helped you to identify the key strengths and contributions to the team’s goals and activity

In this task I am going describe different types of team and the benefits of working as a team for an event.
A team is a group of people that share a common purpose, to which they are all committed, empowered to set goals, solve problems and make decisions. There are two types of organisation use:
    • A formal team
    • An Informal team
    • Temporary team
    • Permanent team

A formal team- It is an ordered team that is built to meet a specific purpose. All members in the team will have a distinct role while also the group having an appointed team leader who may set the distinct roles for the team. An examples of formal teams are football/sports teams, company sales teams etc.

An Informal team- People form to achieve their own goals or meet their own needs; they are generally formed by personal preferences and usually have a lack of official information. Informal teams do not often have a rank structure as in; having a leader or someone who co-ordinates as task. Examples of informal teams are social groups such as a group of friends meeting for lunch at school.

Temporary team-