This presentation is intended to give a visual description of my viewpoint on the purpose of our existence. When I look at the question, “what is the purpose of our existence” I think of God. God is the purpose of our existence. Many people do not believe in god and would have other views of our existence. This presentation presents historical philosophers who share the same viewpoint with me. My beliefs are that our purpose here on earth is to serve God and to one day please him enough to live eternal life with him.

Epistemology is the study of knowledge which attempts to answer the question; what is true and what is false? Epistemology explores the sources, nature, limits and criteria of knowledge (Moore, 2005).

Ontological argument is based on a being greater than which cannot be conceived. This argument states if such a being does exist and it is logical, then God exists. Philosophers such as David Hume, Immanuel Kant, and Gottlob Frege criticized this argument (Moore, 2005).

Miracles are recognized as works from God by the Catholic Church. Miracles are believed to be the works of God. For some non-believers such as atheists, these miracles are seen to have a scientific explanation.

Famous philosophers of the past have shown their proof of the existence of God in their own way. Each philosopher uses their own method to all come to the same conclusion; God exists.

Immanuel Kant’s philosophy was based on the belief of God’s existence. Kant believed the human mind could not obtain rational knowledge of any kind beyond the physical world (Moore, 2005).

Descartes believed in God and was very religious. He based his whole philosophy on God. Descartes believed God crated mind and matter and is accountable for our continuous existence. His book Discourse of Method part IV talks about Proof of God and the Soul (Moore, 2005).

Georg Wilhelm FriedrichHegel believed in God’s will and talks about the existence of God in his works “The Critical...