Preparing to Teach in Th Elifelong Sector, Assignment T1

In this assignment I will describe the teaching and learning cycle giving a brief overview of each element to it.   I will show some of the roles and responsibilities of a teacher and the boundaries which must be observed by a teacher/trainer.   As hopefully will become clear, this is a complex and ofter overlapping set of conditions to try and work in.   Wilson (2008) in her book stated that " The role and responsibility of a teacher is a complex one" (P4)

The teaching cycle consists of

Identifying needs - Plan - Implement - Assess - Evaluate

As a teacher we must have a solid understanding of the subject material that is being delivered.   If we as teachers do not fully appreciate the subject how can we identify the needs of the student?   We need to be aware of the course syllabus and the contents there in.   Once there is a grasp of this we can deliver the appripriate material that the student requires.
We must also have carried out background work on our students.   To do this we can review previous learning and prior knowledge from school or college exam results and grades.
In my current role we ask students at the induction block to complete an initial assessment and have a formal interview.   From this we can ascertain if they have any learning needs to be addressed, or any personal issues that can be addressed to assist in their learning journey.   As an example a condition that is very relevant and would enable the student to recieve help during the lesson time and exam procedure would be dyslexia.

Once identification of the students needs is recognised we must plan how, when and why we are going to deliver the material.   Without planning we will be percieved to be unsystematic to our students.   Each and every lesson must have structure to it.   What happens if we do not plan? The unexpected happens.   If we do not stick to time scales, we get distracted, and then we end up not covering what we wanted to.   We must ensure that...