1. The teacher was well-prepared and organized in the class.
2. The lesson reviewed materials and looked ahead to new materials.            
3. The prepared goals/objectives were apparent and clear.

4. The class material was explained in an understandable way.                  
5. The lesson was smooth, sequenced, and logical.                                        
6. The lesson was well-paced. Timing was appropriate .                                  
7. Directions were clear, concise; students were able to carry them out.
8. Material was presented at students' level of comprehension.                    
9. An appropriate percentage of the class time involved student
production   of English.
10. The teacher answered questions carefully, thoughtfully, and satisfactorily.
11. The teacher used English to an appropriate degree.
12. Teaching techniques were appropriate for the age and ability of students.
13.   The teacher knew when students were having trouble understanding.
14. The teacher showed enthusiasm and interest for the subject.
Teaching Strategies and Applications:
15. There were balance and variety in activities during the lesson.                  
16. The teacher was able to adapt to unanticipated events and situations.  
17. The course material (lesson content) was reinforced.                              
18. The teacher moved around the class, making appropriate eye contact with   students.                                                                                                                
19. The teacher knew and used students' names.
20. The teacher positively reinforced the students appropriately (i.e. praise).
21. Students' responses were elicited; everyone was encouraged to participate.
22. Examples and illustrations were used effectively.
23. As appropriate, drills were used and presented effectively.
24. Structures were taken out of artificial drill contexts.
25. Error...