Brionna Peterson
Desert Hills News Piece
Teen Pregnancy

    How do you feel about teens being pregnant at Desert Hills? "I feel like it makes our school look ghetto, and not well brought together of organized kids." Sophomore of Courtney Christianson stated. Our school having pregnant teens everywhere makes our school looks like our school just has no self-respect. I then asked another student "what’s your opinion on teen pregnancy? “I think it's hard to stay in school and to support a child at a younger age, I know I would never be able to do it." Sophomore Julian Inclan stated. Sometimes if you don't have parent support it can be hard to raise a child on your own when you are still a child yourself. How do you think your parents would react if you told them you were pregnant? Junior Garrett Bowers stated, “My mom would kill me, and tell me to get a job and man up to my priorities". Some parents make their kids own up to their responsibilities and not help out as much. If I told my mother “I’m pregnant" my mom Dannell Peterson would say” Brionna, you better get a job and stay in school and we will get through this together ". So as you see, not all parents jump to kicking you out and making you do it on your own, they don't have to agree or like what we are facing but not all parents shut the door. As my mother even though she will walk beside me and support me does not mean she likes it. Some will work with you and help you, but it just depends.
I now ask my fellow classmates, “what your opinion on teen’s finishing school is first or being focused on getting a job? Sophomore Taitum --- stated: “I think they should finish out school, and have a job because education is important no matter what, even if it’s just you only get your GED". Education is always first because you need to be educated in order to have a decent career. What are some challenges a pregnant teenager would face? Caly Health Sophomore stated: teen moms face, losing their high school prom,...