Pregnancy and Stress

Being a mother of two wonderful boys I have chosen to do my journal review on pregnancy and stress because I have been through pregnancy and know first had what stress can cause during pregnancy. A number of factors can cause stress while a woman is pregnant. For example, a woman might become stressed and irritable because of morning sickness, being tired, and aches in her back. Her hormones are unstable and can cause her to have uncontrollable mood swings. She is probably is scared to death if this is her first pregnancy about problems with labor, carrying the baby to full term, and a fear of a c section. Handling the stress right can lead to a very enjoyable pregnancy, but if you don’t handle it right you can cause harmful effects for your baby. The baby can be born preterm which may cause the baby to be not fully developed and may cause various health problems.
    You can control how much stress you put you self under by when you feel yourself getting upset or frustrated go do something that you enjoy doing such as reading a book or taking a walk. Know that the frustrations you are under now are only short term and things will go back to normal after you have the baby. Eat healthy foods and exercise. It has been proven that exercise can help reduce stress in a pregnancy. When you feel your self being down don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you ask someone will be able to help you through your difficult moment in time. Knowing what to do and how to deal with the emotions and problems with pregnancy can help lead to more of a joyous experience. Having a baby is a very joyous time in your life and you should make it out to be that way.
Bloomfield 2
    I agree with the article to some point, but I feel as stress can also be unhealthy even after a child is born. A new mother is trying to cope with the prices of the formula and diapers, trying to get rest when she can when the baby is sleeping, and trying to get her body back to the weight and shape...