Prayer and Its Benefits

Importance of prayer

Living in Kalyug is difficult. We are influenced by the western lifestyle, list. Greed and other negative qualities. In order for us to achieve our aim and be successful we need a source of direction. This source is prayer. But what is the importance of prayer?

Prayer is the most excellent means of nourishment. Not only for the body but also for th esould as well. Prayer will build the foundation for the future generations. There are no limits to the rewards of praying. God is always forgiving, patient and always good to us.

Prayer is important because it impacts our path to spiritualness on three levels namely: ACTION, Thought, Attitude.

Action: We pray with emotion to God and we start correcting our daily lives. We make fewer mistakes and do not intentionally commit sin. We join satsang ans do seva.

Thought: Our mind is constantly active. We don’t have control over these impure thoughts. When we think negatively our spiritual energy is wasted. Prayer sharpens our minds and we take control of our thoughts. We start thinking positively.

Attitude: As we pray our personalities change from non purpose to doing good. The youth become tolerant to the elders. WE want to serve others without self benefit. We want to become closer to God and away from materialism and illusion.

Prayer reduces ego and pride. WE will strive to be humble in our daily lives. Our faith in God increases. We realize with Gods help there are more solutions. Before understanding the importance of prayer we only seen problems and no solutions.

There is peace of mind and happiness in our lives instead of misery and sadness. Our Aim in life has always been to live a happy and successful life. WE always searching for happiness through money, power and status in society. Prayer is the only source to happiness.

Prayer helps you get closer to God. It helps you understand your goals in life, materialistically and spiritually. You start to understand Gods...