Practice Essay the Queen Hsc

History and memory have an innate and complex bond; one cannot exist without the other. History can be described as the documentation of the past, a collection of absolute truths of events which have occurred over time. Memory describes an individual relation to the past, a physical relation to an actual experience, which has had a significant impact. There will always be contrasting perspectives and interpretations of any one event, which questions the reliability of history as the interplay of history and memory integrates them into one, making it hard to depict whether history is simply a selection of memories
The motion picture "The Queen" reflects concepts of collective memory and historical myth. The author comments on how the film depicts the worldwide grief following the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, and the role of Queen Elizabeth II in British society. The film incorporates both fictitious elements and documentary footage into the story, which makes it difficult to make out what, is factual and what is fictitious.
Through the specific characterisation of the main characters, Steven Frears has blended reality with a fictional portrayal. This is highly important as it influences and creates a persuaded opinion on the events which took place at the time of Diana’s death.
The scene where the Queen meets Tony Blaire is significant to the historical image of the queen. The queen attempts to emphasise her higher authority on Blaire. Her formal hand gestures and use of formal language can translate to be the queen asserting her position. Frears further reinforces this image of power when Mr and Mrs Blaire enter the Palace and they are seen with a high angle shot highlighting their insignificance.
In the scene where the queen is seen with the stag, Frears has used the stag to symbolise the queen. The boys and hunters represent the ‘stalking’ press; this symbolism portrays the manner in which the queen is prayed on by her nation. This idea is emphasised...