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Tonya Gaines January 23, 2012
Phone: 1-800-PHOENIX


Tallahassee, FL – Phoenix, Inc. has just announced that Brick Waters has suddenly resigned as CFO.

The Securities and Exchange Commission is currently investigating the accounting practices of Phoenix, Inc. With the company being uncertain of the reason behind why Brick Waters’ resignation, Phoenix, Inc. is cooperating with the SEC and will be making any changes necessary to comply with the SEC and its standards.

Phoenix, Inc. has named Stephanie Hamilton as the interim CFO. Stephanie Hamilton has been with Phoenix, Inc. for 7 years, as the Vice President of the accounting department. Ms. Hamilton is very knowledgeable of the current account principles and will make sure that all requests and questions of the SEC are made and answered.


If you have any questions, please contact Tonya Gaines at 1-800-PHOENIX ext. 1065 or at


To: Aileen Smith, Manager,

From: Tonya Gaines

Date: January 23, 2012

RE: CFO Resignation and SEC Investigation

We have just learned that Brick Waters has resigned as Phoenix, Inc.’s CFO. This was an unexpected resignation, but we have already taken steps to dealing with this situation. Stephanie Hamilton has been named as Phoenix, Inc.’s interim CFO.

The Securities and Exchange Commission is currently investigating our accounting practices. It seems that we were not reporting our financials properly and there were some discrepancies in our revenue accounts. Since all of these issues are occurring at once, we are being investigated.

We have informed our stakeholders of the current situations that have taken place. Since we have just finished our quarterly reporting, we have to make sure that we have our stakeholders’ best interest at...