According to the Club IT website (2000-2006) the mission statement for Club IT provided by the owners Ruben and Lisa is to “offer you live music, DJ's, dance space and refreshments that suit your lifestyle. You are our friends, and we seek to build a community that meets regularly at Club IT." So what is club is Club IT exactly. It’s a fun exciting night club that provides an escape for people with great food, drinks, and entertainment for people to come to enjoy good music in all facets, from live music, DJ’s, local bands and all different genres of music etc.

      Club IT primary clientele are young and old alike adults looking to have a great time in a beautiful looking upbeat newly remodel night club with the addition of great music. If you like to dance this is the place to be with newly added 600 square foot dance floor that you can get your groove on. Not only is the music great so is the food giving you a variety of options to fulfill you apatite and curb your hunger. With a unique drink menu you also have an assortment of drinks options to choose from.

      Club IT is a well organized company and the role of the IT department is a very big piece of keeping the structure of club IT up and running. If you take a look at the Club IT website and click on employee portal and login you will find how well organized the site is with the help of the IT department. Listing categories of your personal info, ordering information, sales and budget you can see the IT department givies the business a body with a face.

    •   Ways to improve club it and gain an competitive advantage would be to look into Porter’s Competitive Forces Model of switching cost. “According to Internet reduces switching costs, which are the costs, in money and time, to buy elsewhere.   This also increases buyer power.” I believe if they follow the guidelines it will into spending more money on product and cut down on travel cost and phone bills of calling around. They will have a high...