Pptls Assignment 1

Roles, responsibilities and boundaries of a tutor/teacher.

I am currently working for a small charitable organisation called Open Road West Norfolk Trust. My current role is teaching Personal and Social Development (PSD) as well as Functional Skills. The students I teach are attending from local schools, youth offending teams and pupil referral units. We welcome students from all backgrounds and we are now offering courses to adults that are un-employed.

My role as a PSD and functional skills trainer is to be responsible for developing and delivering course material so that it meets the criteria of the Awarding body (IMI Awards) and meet the needs of the students. When I am not teaching I can often act as a councillor to students as they may come from troubled backgrounds and may need someone to talk to, the students are all aware that I am here to listen to anything they have to say and may have to tell someone else, I cannot say to them that “I will keep it to myself” this refers to safeguarding which I have undergone and child protection issues. If a student comes to me and asks me for advice outside my field I cannot give them advice all I can do is refer them to the correct person or organisation to help them, this is a boundary that I face even if I want to advise them.

The teaching/training cycle is the steps a tutor should take to ensure maximum effectiveness in a learning environment. I as a tutor follow these steps to make a safe learning environment and that all students are achieve their potential. There are six steps in the teaching cycle I should follow the first being:

Assessing the needs of the learners. At Open Road we do this 3 ways, it can be done by the student filling in an application pack, an interview conducted by the manager or an initial assessment which is done on the computers as a literacy and numeracy assessment the students are made aware that “This is not a test or Exam” it is just to determine what level they are...