Ppromotion of Behaviour and Respect

All learners’ have a right to a safe, secure and supportive learning environment, where positive behaviour and respect are emphasised and continuously promoted. A quality learning environment is one that maximises learning, is safe and positive and minimises behaviour problems (homelearningcollege.com). In order to create such an environment, certain policies and procedures need to be put in place from which clear expectations and consequences can be derived and established.
As a trainer of groups of learners, it is within my role and responsibilities to lay the foundation for an environment conducive to learning. I ensure that I dedicate time in my lessons to introduce the concepts of positive behaviour and respect and ensure that students understand their role and responsibility to uphold them. I begin my lesson with a new group of candidates by introducing myself and giving them a general background of my professional history, which allows me to begin to engage and connect with my learners. I then give the candidates an opportunity to introduce themselves to the group so that I can identify student diversity and potential learning needs and help to create a sense of familiarity and cohesion between candidates. Taking the time to acknowledge everybody in the room promotes and enhances the concept of identity and belonging, which in turn creates a sense of comfort and security amongst new groups of people. Candidates are then introduced to the idea of supporting each other as a team, working together towards a common goal, sharing a sense of purpose and collectively achieving.  
In order for candidates to feel safe, supported and respected in a learning environment, candidates need to understand what these things mean to them and what they look like in the environment. A good place to start is to develop functional boundaries in a form of rules and expectations. To successfully engage with, follow and respect classroom rules and expectations, candidates need to...