Power in a Minority

A minority group, a group of people that are singled out from others because of their differences. The power within a minority group comes from one person, when that one person in that group steps up and speaks for the rest of the minority group.

If a minority group is singled out because of their culture or skin colour, their power is to stand up for their rights but they stick together and wait for someone bold enough to stand up for them, as in Remember the Titans, the African Americans and Caucasian footballer players waited for their coaches to stand up and speak for them and then they backed them up by agreeing to play together even though they had different backgrounds or skin colour. But in the text, Montana 1948, the minority group were the Indian school girls who were sexually abused, but they did not speak up. There was one brave young lady, Marie little soldier, who spoke up for all the other girls that went   through the same thing that she did, unfortunately they did not back her up or admit to being sexually abused, they were too scared and ashamed. In the text, Sydney White, there are different sororities and Sydney White moves in with the rejected nerdy sorority and she gives them a voice and makes them confident to say what they want or believe before their sorority house is destroyed.

Sometimes minority groups are silenced by a bigger, more important or powerful minority group or person and it can affect the group’s existence. But power does lie within a minority group, when one person takes an important message and speaks that message for everyone to hear, that group will be heard.

Gina Kee