Potentional Hazards

Potential Hazards In A Health Care Setting & Social Care Setting

We come across at least 100 hazards a day without even realising it. As we tend to just carry on and have an automatic action to protect are self without even realising it. Such as if I was walking along the street and needed to cross the road ,instead of crossing in the middle of the road use the pelican crossing just up the road to reduce the risk of myself getting injured/hurt. To try to prevent the hazard occurring from hurting myself you go to the pelican wait for it to signal to you before you would cross the road.

Health Care Setting- If I was in a hospital setting I would be able to come across many different types of hazards.

Slippery Floors or Spills- This can be a potential hazard because where people are rushing about and lot of people are round and about they may not realise the floor is wet were the cleaner has not put any signs out. People can be hurt if they slip on the floors because they do not have the correct sign put up to warn people about potential hazards. If they happen to fall over they can hurt them selves by breaking bones, having fractures, and sprains, meaning more patients and even staff could be injured so they are unable to work also they can sue the company because they have injured there self-etc. We can prevent this by just purely having signs up for people to be aware of the fact there has been a spill or even just having slippery floors, Also make sure that nobody runs around so they are less likely to hurt there self.

Sharps, Needle Stick Injuries- You are able to get infection from using needles within a hospital. People come in as they are unwell and require some sort of medical help. They may also have viruses within their bodies. They could have such things as HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus), AIDS, MRSA (meticillin-resistant staphylococcus aureusis), meningitis, rubella, and info-tiger and there are many more different diseases you can catch...