Posterity Group Llc

Posterity Group LLC Management Capabilities Overview
The Team holds firmly to the understanding that is an essential program. As such, we have successfully
developed and currently adhere to a sound and proactive management approach that will serve as
instrumental to ensuring continued success for this program. Within our approach to ensuring rigorous
program and operations management services for this program, the Team has assembled a highly
experienced management team that is proficient in managing the delivery of health care support
services like those required in this solicitation. Key features of our team’s management capabilities for
this program include:
Prime contractor, Posterity, is a fast growing SDVO Small Business whose strength lies in listening to the
client, understanding the client’s needs and proactively developing solutions to meet and exceed the
requirements as it delivers its excellent staffing quality services and proactive customer relationship
management. Overall program management led by our Program Manager with over 22 years of
experience in providing services to the Government and MEDCOM.
Combined corporate commitment and support from two highly regarded health care management
Subcontractor, STP-1, awarded MEDCOM’s 2009 Contractor of the Year Award, will continue to provide
high quality resources to support HCP requirements
Experienced, dedicated, professional staff with the authority to be on-point and responsive to requests
for support services.
A Senior Advisory Board (SAB) whose sole purpose is to monitor Program progress for solving and
supporting the initiatives and goals of the ADCMS Physician Services contract. Members include the
Team’s corporate staff and executives, who will provide their services at no cost to the Government.
Proven management procedures and tools that focus on meeting and exceeding all of the requirements
of the contract, ensuring outstanding customer satisfaction, and...