Positive Influence

Team C Positive Influence

John Doe

Organizational Leadership/531

Adam Smith


The year 2021 and Lunarspy is a fictional company with a real cast of MBA students poised to dominate the Sun wave industry (A new alternative energy source based on solar waves created by the Sun's reflection off the moon). The purpose of this paper is to present a plan of positive influence to the president of the company. The objective is to foster a constructive work environment between management and employee that transcends the outdated “Top down” model which focuses on more of a removed “reactive” style of management. According to Truskie (2010) “Old-style managers think of their organizations in terms of lines and boxes -- the enlightened think deeper and focus on their organization's culture” (para. 6). This new style of management (also known as adaptive leadership) places the emphasis on empowering the employee. Management therefore is more responsible for the development of employee talent thereby creating a “strength in numbers” formula. This in turn will create the spring board necessary to meet sales objectives and increase the companies bottom line all against the background of a cohesive working relationship between all departments involved (sales and marketing, HR, management, R&D and manufacturing). In an article about adaptive leadership,   Albono (2010) states, “It matters because it bears directly on their ability to tap human potential” (para. 6). This particular plan (tier one of a   five tier plan) will focus on the diverse set of strengths the Lunarspy management team bring to the table. There are five key players that make up the management team: Michael Penning, Pamela Ladu, Richard Williams, Rocky Turner and Patrick Roane.
Team Collaboration
This next section will paint a descriptive portrait of the distinctive traits each of us bring to the management team. Starting with Mr. Penning, his expectations for time management and...