Position Essay

Dear Dr. Daniel,

The idea of 20,000 students on a campus at once is not the most appealing thought a student wants to think about right before they hurry to their next class. Many of us are let out five minutes before our next class begins, making it difficult to perhaps get the best seat in the following lecture. With all these problems conquering the campus of UTD, I have come up with a solution which I like to call the Rent and Ride program. The Rent and Ride program, also known as R&R and is an on-campus bike rental facility where you can rent a bike in the morning, use it as long as you like, and return it before closing time. There will be R&R centers all over campus making it easier for students to rent at one place and return at another. Although many people would prefer walking around the campus, the R&R program benefits anyone from those who would like to get to class quickly for a good seat all the way to a person who simply likes to ride a bike around campus leisurely.
The great aspect about small schools such as UTD is that the campus is not large to walk around, but considering the weather and schedule it can be a big burden for some students. Walking all the way from the residential houses to the dining halls can be difficult due to lack of time, and therefore forces students to skip some of the most important meals of the day, which can impact their education. With the help of R&R, students can ride around the whole campus in no time at all! Of course, many students do bring bikes from home, but bikes have space limitations when it comes to keeping them in your room. If you rent a bike, you would not have to worry about the bike being your responsibility at all. During the day, students can keep their bikes anywhere around the campus in the R&R bike racks. Such an easy way to get across campus can never be ignored, can it?
Of course, there are great transportation facilities that UTD is providing such as on-campus...