Population Size

Population Size
Delaquan Winston

The four factors that produce changes in population size would be the birth rate. Birth rate is on the rise everyday and every hour there is a mother giving birth or an animals that is giving birth to a baby animal. Another factor is Death rate because death is basically the same thing has giving birth, but it’s just decreasing the population size. A 1000 people per year die per year, and that’s vice versa with birth a 1000 baby’s are born per year. Immigration is the third factor in the population size, when immigrants migrate to these towns or cities that are well populated already this cause an increase in the population size. The fourth factor would be people who move away from these populated states, towns or cities this decreases the population size.

In the video the nutria, which is a large rodent from South America, that was imported into Louisiana as a potential fur-bearer in the 1930’s. These rodents are taken over Louisiana and messing up the land. These rodents are like rabbits the female can produce 40 babies in 3 years; so just imagine these numbers are overpopulating the whole Louisiana area. In the video they say that this rodents has to be one of the worst invader that is not from the United States. These vegetarians’ eats more than their body weight, and the nutria is making the wetland unstable.

I think the nutria will migrate somewhere else where there is a lot of green plants for these vegetarians. But if they migrate they will just ruined the land like they did in Louisiana, and after all the green food is gone there they will proceed to the next state, city or town. Another thing is that the nutria can also die off if they don’t have certain resources.