Population Explosion

Population Explosion in India and America
      Population explosion is defined as the condition that the capacity of the environment cannot sustain more people (especially future generations) to live on the earth in health, comfort and happiness (Ehrlich). Overpopulation is one of the most important global issues, as it can cause serious problems such as shortage of food and renewable resources. Currently, since the population on the earth has risen to 7 billion and is still growing, every country has paid more attention to overpopulation, especially India and America. The extended carrying capacity of the environment in India and America is being degraded. Both India and America have large populations, although India has more people and much higher birth rate than America. The differences and similarities about population explosion in India and America will be discussed in terms of the causes of overpopulation, the strategies and achievements of controlling population.
    Both America and India have overpopulation that is caused by factors such as medical progress and religious beliefs; however, the significant difference can be seen from demographic composition. The same reasons why the population explosion appears in India as well as America are medical progress and religious beliefs. The first similarity between two countries is the improvement of medical condition, as it gives rise to the cures of many diseases. As Kinder points out, the progress in medical science combines high birth rate and low death rate and the medical progress contributes to the overpopulation all over the world. The second similarity between India and America appears in the religions. India has a large number of people who believe in Islam. As Bridgeport University explains, in Islam, children are regarded as the gifts from God and it is a sin to abort. Therefore, a large number of people in India do not follow the birth control measures. Likewise, Christianity condemns some...