The database that are currently being utilize by popular has its own advantage and disadvantage. Sap system help popular in term of managing their stock because they have so many outlet . The system connect the data from every outlet to each other allowing them to see or check the availability of stock in other outlet incase they want to do stock transferring.
Other than that sap also allow them to check their sales history on which product that has been sold more. That can help guide them in making decision in which product that is more saleable.
Sap system help them save more time because they can do the ordering through this system. All they need to do is do the purchase order and send it to the supplier. Sap have various function and easy to learn. All the activity such as doing purchase order, good receipt, transfer order and many more is included in this system.

Popular sells a wide variety of product from books, stationary and gadgets.   But sap system does not divide them into specific category. Even the books they sells have many different category from fiction, novels, young adult non -fiction and other. If it is stored in their own specific group, it will be easier for them to search for specific product by searching through their own category.
Another weakness of using sap is that when searching for stock in hand, they cannot rely to much on just typing the title or name of the product. the one way that they usually use is by typing the product barcode which can be too long to remember. That can cost more time when their customer is asking for some product and the staff take too long because the product have   many other product with the same title.
When ordering the stock popular usually will have the invoice send to them early. With that invoice they will do the good receipt early. Once they had done doing the good receipt, the stock automatically exist in the system and stock in hand eventhough the physical is not there...