Popular Culture and Print Media Paper

Popular Culture and print Media Paper
University of phoenix
Frank Reed
June 27, 2011
Steve Ryan

Briefly describe the roles that the print media has played in the development of American popular culture.
Written media is huge in American pop culture. One thing is that media is everywhere one cannot get away from it. Unless on can build a time machine go back in time far enough to get away from the media. Every little thing is written and published because we as a people think we need to know every little that goes on in the world. And they call this freedom of speech. There are things out there that we do not need to know and it still gets published. There are different types of media one that people trust and then one has the news papers that are just BS news like farms has a 3 headed chicken. This kind of news really does not need to be printed.
Music in some cultures like the Native Americans is the way they used to pass down their history in songs. Now the Native Americans write it down to help teach their young the ways of the old. In a way we still do this because most of what is sang about has happened in the world. There are songs about anything and every happening in the world. Every culture writes their music down instead of singing it down to their kids. Music is the most powerful way to get the history of mankind out there.
News papers have been written for over 200 years. They have told the world about everything from the World War I to the war that we are fighting now.   The news paper lets us know about cars for sale to what kind of jobs that need help to who needs a date. News papers help keep us informed some time to inform. The news should lay back to report less so the world can take a breather from the bad news of the world.
  * Identify at least three trends propagated by the print media. Evaluate the impact of these trends on your views or attitudes concerning the following topics:
  * Consumerism- Consumerism makes it...