Pooting Childens Welfare and Well Being in Ealy Years Setting

Promoting children’s welfare and well being in the early years setting

EYMP3 - 1.1

In my setting we follow the welfare requirements and guidance of the EYFS curriculum these are:
  * Child Protection
in a setting there must be a practitioner who is responsible for safeguarding every child in the setting. If you are a childminder you must take responsibility yourself. As the person responsible for safeguarding the children in the setting they must communicate with local statutory children's services agencies and also with the LSCB. There must be ongoing support, guidance and advice given to all other staff on any safeguarding issues when needed. The person responsible for safeguarding must go to child protection training courses so that they are able to deal with any issues regarding neglect and possible abuse towards the child in the setting and also teach other staff how to understand the safeguarding issues, and also how to understand the safeguarding policy and procedures. Training for other staff must also include information about the use of mobile phones and cameras in the setting.

The safeguarding policy and procedures must also include   explanation of the action that will be taken against any allegations made towards any staff members. All childcare providers must be made alert of any issues of concerns of a child's life and to make staff respond in the correct way and also in time. Child Care providers must have knowledge of the government's statutory guidance working together to safeguard children. If there is a concern for a child's welfare and safety the correct agencies must be notified at once e.g Local children's social care services. Any allegations made of serious harm or abuse by anybody living, working or looking after children whether this was made on the premises or somewhere else must be notified to ofsted within 14 days of when the allegations were made. If the registered provider fails to follow this without a acceptable reason...