We have been reading about the environment, pollution, and endangered species in class. You will choose an endangered species from the list I have provided for you and will complete a report. Some of the research and other work will be completed in school, and some will be completed independently outside school. The parts will be combined to fit a poster board.
Part I - Your report will have four main sections (2 page minimum), paraphrased and written in paragraph form: (60 points- 15 for each section). It must include a work cited page with 4-5 different references.
1. You will introduce your endangered species and give some information about it such as what it looks like, what it eats (if it’s an animal), and especially, where it lives.(15 pts.)
2. Tell why and how it came to be endangered. What are the reasons? About how many are left? (15 pts.)
3. What is being done now to protect your endangered species from becoming extinct? Are the efforts working? (15pts.)
4. What is your opinion? What do you think about what has happened to your species? What else could be done to protect them? (15 pts.)
Part II - Create a Poster of your endangered species that includes:
- a map of where your endangered species can be found. (10 pts.)
-at least 4 pictures of your endangered species. (10 pts.)
-and short information from your report (2-3 things from each topic) (20 pts.)
Part III- Finally, you will present your report to the class. Please memorize the information to the best of your ability so you are NOT reading off of your poster.