Polyetheramine Market Was Estimated to Be Is $456.47 Million in 2013, and Is Projected to Reach $786.09 Million by 2019:

Polyetheramines are an extremely versatile product range. Mainly used to increase flexibility, toughness, hydrophilicity or hydrophobicity (depending on the product used), they also offer various reactivities, good temperature stabilities, are essentially colourless and have a low viscosity.
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The market growth is credited to increasing demand from Southeast Asian countries n the Asia-Pacific region, due to the rising manufacturing bases by global as well as newer domestic players and the industrial growth in the end-user industry. The large population demands, increased number of end-users, and improving infrastructure can be the important parameters for the growing consumption of polyetheramine. The rising demand from the major application industries such as epoxy coating, polyurea, and composites applications are further expected to drive the demand in the next five years; mainly due to the amplified growth in the developing countries, such as China, India, Brazil, and South-East Asian region. The Asia-Pacific region accounted for more than 33% of the global market volume share in 2013.
The leading players of this industry, with their recent developments and other strategic industry activities, have been profiled. These include the key polyetheramine manufacturers, such as Huntsman Corporation (U.S.), BASF SE (Germany), Yangzhou Chenhua New Materials Co., Ltd (China), Clariant (Switzerland), Wuxi Acryl Technology Co., Ltd. (China), Yantai Minsheng Chemicals Co., Ltd. (China), Yantai Dasteck Chemicals Co., Ltd. (China), Zibo Dexin Lianbang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (China), and IRO Group Inc. (China).
Epoxy coating is the dominant application of polyetheramine, accounting for over 54% of the total volumes in 2013. This chemical is used as a curing agent in epoxy resins for the manufacture of adhesive & sealants, coatings, composites, etc. Polyurea and fuel additives are...