Pollution and Control

Section A - Look for a potential work based project that is related to monitoring and control of pollution in the workplace. This section of the assignment should give a brief description of the potential project in terms of ‘best practice’ and allows you to identify and discuss cutting edge research that deals with specific issues in the management of environmental problems.

Pollution has now become high on individuals’, corporate and governments’ agenda. Dramatic environmental effects, such as climate change, have helped to raise the profile of pollution and how this affects both quality of life and the sustainable use of the planet. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) one of the most common forms of air pollutants emitted from chemical, petrochemical and related industries are responsible for a variety of environmental and human capital hazards (Kahn & Ghoshal, 2000, p. 527). This essay will look at one particular industry which uses solvents as part of the manufacturing process looking at how they control emissions, including an evaluation of some related control technologies and emerging technologies. The discussion will also look at how companies can collect and analyse data, in other words monitor and measure exposure to ensure they are effectively managing their environmental impacts.

The atmosphere is subjected to pollutants from many sources some of which are natural and others which are man-made. Carbon dioxide, for example, has been increasing to an extent which is adding to the “greenhouse effect”. Other pollutants include nitrogen oxides, methane, chlorofluorocarbons and ozone. Ozone formulation is related to the manufacture and use of VOCs (Suess, 1993, p. 27).   The health effects have been categorised into three distinct categories; toxicity, human sensitivity i.e. detection of odours and possible the most salient aspect relating to VOCs, the potential to cause cancer (Technical Guidance Note M16, 2005, p. 3). The environmental concerns relate...