Barack Obama delivered his Democratic National Convention speech on September 6, 2012. The messages and symbols were both very clear. Everything from his tie and the entire stadium being democratic blue to his giving the choice of a good America or a failing one depending on the candidate chosen to be the next president of the United States. President Barack Obama spent 40 minutes convincing 300 million people that he is the person to take this country back to where it should be, without explicitly saying, “Vote for me” and this is a task he accomplished with ease. I will discuss the first ten-minute segment of his speech.
Obama is making a speech responding to his party nominating him for a second term as president. His text is quite simple, as he does not go into politics deeply in the first 25% of his speech. Obama is a brilliant speaker and he conveys his purpose for the speech very clearly: He needs votes. He talks eloquently about how he will continue to make this country a better place, and carefully says how his opponent, Mitt Romney, will make it far worse than it already is. He speaks softly but directly to his audience. This approach is taken because he is trying to appeal to more than one demographic. He may be trying to appeal to middle class, lower class, black, white, male, or female. All people want different things and candidates running for president need to find a way to appeal to most of them. The president does a great job of saying very direct comments without sounding harsh. He speaks extremely confidently and calmly. He makes it so that his audience doesn’t question him because he seems so sure of himself.
Obama has several speechwriters, but it is up to him to approve the speech and to deliver it well. He starts the speech speaking to his family, and exclaiming how lucky he is to have his wife, as well as jokingly telling his daughters they have to go to school the next day. Obama is appealing to people’s emotional side, making them...