Political Essay

Political Philosophy

Plato, Martin Luther King and Henry David Thoreau had different points of view when it comes to government and how unjust laws should be handled.  Each of them had different perspectives about the government, its fundamental and the responsibility of people towards the government. These perspectives were all nearly related to each philosopher's points of view concerning how to live their live with integrity. The people have freedom to make decision whether to take civil action against the government or not. Plato's work concentrated on Socrates. For Socrates, ethics and values are necessary to one's government. He showed that people and government are not equal. I could say Thoreau and Socrates have the same perspective however their perspective about life were different. Both lived under a government that they considered to be corrupt and both have live with false beliefs. Socrates did not believe that it was right to oppose the law, even if it’s unjust to people. Socrates also believed that the person works for the government. They need to follow the rules of the government and serve the government whether they like it or not. On the other hand, Thoreau believed that the people must not obey all rules of the government. According to Thoreau the government only cause harm to people such as war and slavery and people doesn’t need the government. Unlike to Socrates, he believed that the government made the lives of people more organize. Thoreau believe that government were corrupt, taking all things from its people. Thoreau had asked people to disobey rules by the government in order to free the slaves who are also human, and should had given the same rights as other people.
In contrary, Martin Luther King, King believed that people need to think for themselves. He made a nonviolent resistance, to fight injustice. He fought battle against racial segregation. Both King and Socrates had awaken the people’s mind and made them speak their...