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Communication Strategies
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          There are many different learning styles and personality types that can help students work together within a group. There are many different styles of learning and types of personalities. Only three will be identified in the text of this paper. Different strategies will be shown on how group learning and personality styles can effectively work together on many levels. Collaboration is the key in group learning and is achieved through understanding one's self individually.

The three different learning styles that were identified are Logical-Mathematical, Interpersonal, and Visual-Spatial. A Logical-Mathematical learner tends to analyze things and see patterns that other do not. Puzzles are enjoyed and they always look for a logical solution. This type of learner does well in groups being they want to help others understand the content. Teaching others also helps this type of learner comprehend the material. An interpersonal learner like to help others and can settle conflicts between others in the group. They can take the information and draw a ending without conflict and can keep the group focused as it moves along. The visual-spatial learner likes to use drawing, graphs, and any example that can be seen. This person can provide visual documents for the group presentation. Each of these can benefit a group learning experience by bringing their own strength to the table.

The three different personality types that will be discussed are the organizer, giver, and the thinker. An organizer is a person that tends to be systematic, disciplined, detail oriented, structured, and dependable. The giver is a more giving, caring, adaptable, and idealistic type person. A thinker is a objective, scientific, logical, rational, and realistic type of person. In a groups setting all of these traits can be positive for all involved. Sometimes it take a large variety of people to make projects work. An organizer is the...