Politcs in Abortion Summary

Suzanne Wheeler
English 1020 T/TH 2:10-3:40

Article #3
The article I decided to use is called: The Changing of Politics of Abortion and it is written by Susan Page of USA Today news. According to this article, a group called Democrats for Life were rejected from being a part of organizations on the Democratic National Committee website. They were unwanted solely because the organization disagreed with the party’s platforms on abortion rights. Recently, the platforms haven’t changed, but the supporters have. “Since the election setbacks in 2004, the new Democratic chairmen, Howard Dean, and 2008 presidential prospect Hilary Clinton are among those who argue that Democrats have to do more to reach out to those who oppose abortion”. This is what sparks the current role of abortions in politics.
No one is suggesting the political stances will ever change when it comes to this issue. It is a fact that most political scientists and office holders believe that Democrats are trying to respect the way Americans feel about abortion. On the other side of the spectrum, Republicans have also made an effort. They welcome anyone whom disagrees with the GOP’s abortion “plan”. California’s governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, also republican, clearly stated he was a supporter of abortion rights, and got primetime spots at the Republican Convention in 2004.  
Even Democrats and Republican are teaming up for a new bill discussing new options and other plans for support groups, fetus with conditions, and several more. “55% majority took some middle ground on abortion rights- exceptions being big role”. It is a fact from recent surveys that in the 2008 election, a presidential candidate supporting abortion rights wouldn’t be nominated. American values have “shifted into a grey area” when it comes to abortions. Although Democrats and Republicans have different views and plans to overcome this, they are taking into major account what the public thinks and...