Policy Process

The Policy Process of the Health Reform
Maxine Brown
University of Phoenix
January 30, 2011
Denise Morrow

The Policy Process of the Health Reform
Health reform has been the topic of discussion for many years but the government has not came up with a plan that would benefit the both the American people and policymakers until recently. The health care deficit has raised out-of-control the past several year because of uninsured Americans and the cost to operate the health care systems. The American people rely on health care and the government simply cannot afford to finance health in the condition it is currently in. This is why a new health reform has to be form to meet the need of uninsured Americans and simply cannot afford health care.   The reform is also design to provide assistance to policy officials a financial balance in health care is available. Before a new health reform can become law, there are steps in which has to take place with the government. This is the policy process and within this process there are three main stages such as the formulation, legislative, and implementation. On March 23, 2010, President Barack Obama signed into law the new health reform bill (H. R. 4872) that gave all Americans the right to have affordable health coverage. This paper will cite a breakdown of the policy process it took to pass the new health care reform law (H. R. 4872).

The Formulation Stage
As in any development stage, there has to be a starting point. This is true for the health reform to create a plan to implement that will drive down the cost of health care as well as provide the necessary health coverage Americans can afford.   Before a bill becomes law, it has to enter the first stage. In the formulation stage, the President, who is the commander and chief, and is responsible for the shape of Americans economy, has to recognize that there is a problem with the health care system in America, and then develop a plan.   In time, this plan...