Policy Making Process

Running Head: Policy Making Process

Barbara Moore
HCM612-01 Ethics, Policy and Law in Healthcare Management
Professor Dr. Sherry Grover
Phase 1 Task 1 DB 2
July 10, 2010

` As the health care industry evolves and changes so do the legal and ethical issues that its employees face. An employee of the hospital has come to you with a question. He has heard a lot about issues the organization is facing currently and says he is confused by how the decisions on these issues will be made from and ethical and legal perspective (CTU online course material, 2011). This post will attempt to explain to him what an ethical perspective is and what legal perspective is and how similar they are as well as how different they are (CTU online course materials, 2011).
Ethical Perspective defined
Ethics is referred to as moral philosophy, the discipline concerned with what is morally good and bad, right and wrong (Pozar, 2005). There are two views of ethics: the Micro-ethics which is an individual view of what is right and wrong that is based on the individual’s life experience and then there is the Macro-ethics which is a more general view of what is right or wrong (Pozar, 2005). Ethics has to do with the standards of conduct and moral judgments (CTU online course material, 2010). Ethics is what an individual believes is right or wrong .
Legal Perspective defined
So now let us look at the legal perspective to decision making.   Law is a system of principles and rules of human conduct prescribed by society and enforced by public authority (Harris, 2010). The law is the minimum performance that is expected in society. In making decision all of the laws governing the organization must be taken into consideration to avoid prosecution or fines or both.
Ethical/Legal Decisions
Knowing what each of these perspectives is I would have difficulty in agreeing totally with the statement because it depends on the issue and there is a difference when you are making a decision.   I...