Policy Analysis

PAD 260

Substantive and Supportive Activities
Ch. 7 “Organizing” p.329
Ch. 4 “Administrative Responsibility”
Program implementation needs substantive and supportive activities in order to function.

Substantive activities: are directly goal oriented. Result producing. There must be a mandate, a policy declaration. The UN declaration is an example. Example is, submitting papers.
Support activities: machinery of implementation for reaching the goal. Result contributing. Example is getting to school, getting the books (from the library or online).
Commonalities, they both require a mandate and a budget. Difference is that substantive is goal directed and support is a machinery. Substantive should take 70% of funds while support take 30% however, this is not the case. Support activities are more expensive in some cases.

Activities of organizations fall into 4 categories:
  1. Top management activities – have to maintain external relations to achieve the mission, you have to design plain responsibilities for budget and planning.
  2. Result producing substantive activities – you need to do a performance evaluation and assessment of the staff and the unit as a whole.
  3. Result contributing (support) activities – training, home resource management (they are not directly involved in the end result but the make sure that the company has the right stuff), budgeting
  4. House keeping – discussing what’s needed for the organizations, building, premises and maintenance of it.

Areas of support activities:
  * Management and Budgetary Administration
  * Budgeting and Accounting
  * Human Resources Management

There are some special support services when it comes to IPA organizations
Special Support Services (IPA Org.):
  * Security and Safety
  * Interpretation and Translation
  * Transportation
  * Public Information
  * Premises – Supplies
  * Inform Technology

Meetings (away from HQs)
  * Substantive – identify...