Police Officers

Issues That Affect Police Personnel

Lindsay Handy

Everest College Phoenix Online

CCJ 1020 - 80

February 25, 2012


In this paper I will be discussing the issues that affect police personnel. I will be using two of these issues that affect them for this discussion. The two that I will be talking about are job stress and corruption. I will also talk about some ideas that can be applied to or are being applied to help with these issues to make it easier on police.

Job Stress

First I will talk about job stress. I found a great definition of this on a website called heavybadge.com and he states it as follows “That feeling and desire along with the ensuing bodily effects, experienced by a person who has a strong and true longing to choke the living shit out of someone who desperately deserves it, but you can't.(Goldfarb)” I think that this is an excellent definition of not only job stress but stress in general as I know when all either feel like that now or have felt like that at some point in our lives. There are many different things that can cause stress for police officers and they are divided into four categories: external, organizational, duty, and individual (Siegal & Worrall p. 260). The external stressors are things like being bashed by the public, an inefficient justice system, and court decisions that favor the criminals. The organizational stressors are things like bad pay, too much paperwork, not much room for advancement tin the ranks, and rues that are different from one precinct or station to the next. Duty stressors are things like fear, danger, overtime, and rotating shifts from week to week. Individual stressors are things like being discriminated, family problems, and personality clashes with others. According to Dan Goldfarb the biggest stressors that police face are: killing someone in the line of duty, having you partner killed in the line of duty, lack of support by...